North America’s Only Thomistic PhD Program is Under Threat of Closure (UPDATED)

Jon/ May 17, 2017/ Personal

Two years ago I posted that I would be leaving Chicago for Houston to attend this program. Now the broader university to which it belongs wants to close North America’s only center for Thomistic studies, basically because it wants to spend money elsewhere. Each year, fewer and fewer students are accepted – not because of lack of interest – but because funding

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“Is Intelligence Impractical?” Fr. James Schall SJ

Jon/ March 1, 2017/ Higher Education, ReasonBright (Topics in Philosophy)

The well known and eminent scholar Fr. James V. Schall, American Jesuit Roman Catholic priest, teacher, writer and philosopher, spoke earlier this semester at the University of St. Thomas.  The talk was entitled, “Is Intelligence Impractical? – Reflections of a ‘Rigid’ Thomist,” and is well worth the hour of your time to listen. He also gave a lecture specifically for the

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Socrates As Management Consultant? Why Executives Are Embracing Philosophy – Worldcrunch

Jon/ January 20, 2017/ Personal

Since 2004, the University of Fribourg has been offering a “philosophical retreat for executive staff” to some 15 candidates, aged between 40 and 50. “Before they came here, a lot of participants had had ‘toolbox training’ and were satisfied, but they were missing the question of the meaning of their actions,” explains Bernard Schumacher, the course instructor. In the end, philosophy

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American Catholic Philosophical Association Meeting 2016

Jon/ November 7, 2016/ Personal

On November 3-6, 2016 I delivered a paper in San Francisco again on the topic of custom. This was for the American Catholic Philosophical Association meeting on the topic of justice. The highlight for me was to hear Father James Schall, SJ speak about virtue. Much of the new liberal agenda isn’t really about freedom, and individual “rights.” (I’m not

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“Enlightened” Philosophy in Paris

Jon/ June 27, 2016/ Personal, Philosophy, Travels

  What you see in the photo above and below is the Pantheon, originally the church of St. Genevieve, the patroness of Paris. In the French Revolution, it was gutted and made into a temple of Reason, that is, a symbol of the new patroness of Paris, who rejected religion as superstition and envisioned humanity itself as the purpose of its existence

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“Why Beauty Matters” by Roger Scruton

Jon/ June 7, 2016/ Beauty

  Many smart people have intuitions about what is ugly and what is beautiful, but most of the same people today think that there is nothing objective about beauty, since they have difficulty explaining it. It seems like preferring Coke over Pepsi and so art becomes only about expressing oneself than about what is being expressed. I came across this video by

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Massachusetts House Passes Bill Legally Abolishing Biological Sex

Jon/ June 6, 2016/ News Commentary

    States continue to pass laws removing the phrase ‘biological sex’, replacing it with gender identity, and formally accepting that ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ are mere social constructs rather than the results of nature. “SECTION 1. Section 92A of chapter 272 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2014 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting after the word

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“Don’t Judge!” Part II – University Edition

Jon/ April 19, 2016/ Education, Higher Education

  A new video from the Family Policy Institute of Washington gives some perspective on what it means to apply the logic of modern ‘tolerance’ consistently.(c/o LSN) It reminds me of Fulton Sheen’s comment. Modern science alone isn’t going to give you an answer to these questions. Why? Because C-SCIENCE! (wiki) Tolerance Part I is here.

How to Set Yourself or Others Up for Success

Jon/ April 16, 2016/ Philosophy, Quotes

    “Virtue, then, being of two kinds, intellectual and moral.. for it was not by often seeing or often hearing that we got these senses, but on the contrary we had them before we used them, and did not come to have them by using them; but the virtues we get by first exercising them [habit], as also happens in

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