• Gaming I
    This first part of gaming was a slow change socially. I began to realize I didn’t have much fun or like hanging out with the people I was hanging out with. Here are a couple stories from this time Archambault and I started a Schola Cantorum to sang at the Masses.  Once time Phil, Rob […]
  • Gaming Hike Weekend
    This was a weekend where I all went to Switzerland I decided to take advantage of the wonderful scenery available already in our home Kartause. On that Friday night, September 26, Justin and I and some international students (lead by Metod) went up on a hike to the cave. It was a longer hike than […]
  • Munchen
    Munich was my favorite major city in Germany. We arrived for the day in the early morning and began touring as always with Mark. The first thing we saw was the Glockenspeil which was a huge clock that had little figurines on it and when it hit the hour they would spin around the clock […]
  • Salzburg
    Salzburg was our first real trip together as a school. We left on a Thursday, got there, unpacked our stuff into our hostel and followed Mark into the downtown older section of town for our tour. I was staying in a room with three other guys who I didn’t even know but I thought it […]