• In Depth: Edward Feser On Biological Reductionism
    A few weeks ago, Edward Feser had an excellent analysis of reductionism in general through a response to Alex Rosenberg. This point is very important to the Battle for the Core of the World because so much of Christianity was founded upon and developed through the knowledge that objects have orientations or tendencies in how they behave, […]
  • Dawkins: Organized Religion will Perish before I Do
    Maybe this isn't worth my time, but in an lecture at the Jaipur Literature Fest, posted by the Times of India, Richard Dawkins, probably the most famous atheist in the world since the passing of Christopher Hitchens, has stated that he looks forward to organized religion perishing from the earth in his lifetime. I don't […]
  • Faith and Science’s Bridge: Philosophy
    The importance of presenting a clear understanding of the relationship between faith and reason is becoming ever more important as there is more confusion, skepticism about knowledge and scientism than every before. The Holy Father is aware of this:  Pope Benedict Creates New Science And Faith Foundation (http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=24126) VATICAN CITY, January 19 (CNA/EWTN News) .- […]
  • Academics on this Blog
    On the way to work I took this for you:
  • England: Metaphysics Banned from Schools–Empiricism
    The government in the United Kingdom has introduced a revision of the 'The Model Funding Agreement' that effectively bans the teaching of certain types of philosophy. (It appears that this effectively means any that come before David Hume…) The agreement states that funded schools are precluded from ‘teaching, as an evidence-based view or theory, of any view or […]
  • Faith in Science? (Part II)
    In the last post on faith in science we were left wondering why there is such a strong trust in what the scientific process or method yields for us. Auguste Comte was fascinated with this last stage, this greatest achievement of humanity, the discovery of science. Even today science continues to attract an almost cult-like following. Earlier this week, […]
  • “The Greatest Crisis in the World Is One of Faith, Especially in Europe” (gran crisis de este mundo, pero especialmente de Europa, es una crisis de fe)
    These are the words of the Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Valencia, Spain. “gran crisis de este mundo, pero especialmente de Europa, es una crisis de fe” I completely agree. I would become even more specific and say that it is based in a lack of understanding of why 'faith' is something reasonable to begin with. The crisis […]
  • The Pope’s Unholy Alliance with a Dictator-Example Humanist Attack
    This article probably is not worth my time, but I'll critique it despite that…. “Scandal is too mild a term to describe the abuse of children at the hands Roman Catholic priests. [indeed] But whatever word you fix on – “atrocity”, “obscenity”, I can't find the right one – you cannot doubt that rape was all about […]
  • Faith in Science? (Comte Part I)
    Why should we call it a battle of ideas that we are involved in? Aren’t we tired of fighting? I would like to emphasize the difference between two fundamentally distinct ways of viewing the world that have been around since man could doubt and have more friction today than ever before. It is not hard […]