That is how humanists tend to view religious people…at least in America. 
  • UPDATED: Jesuit(s): If Georgetown Is Not Pruned, It Becomes an Obstacle
    This is a topic which has come up very much lately with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Georgetown and will continue to come up. The Jesuit priest, Fr. Robert John Araujo, SJ, a graduate of Georgetown University and, the John Courtney Murray Professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. had the following to say on his blog: …. […]
  • Harvard Law and US Ambdr Glendon Defends Bishops in the WSJ
    Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard Law School professor and former U.S. ambassador to the Holy See writes in the Wall Street Street Journal this morning an excellent piece –-to the point. Take a look. 
  • One of Two Steps: “A Secular Religion That Tolerates No Opposition” – Cardinal O’Connor
    The Battle for the Core continues as more and more leaders in the Church start begin to recognize what “compromise with the modern world” means for religions. It happens to be a characteristic trait in 18th century modern literature foretelling the utopia of a 'the modern world' excluding God, or at least one that isn't on board with […]
  • Perks of the “Enlightenment”–Cripples Walk
    In the “enlightenment”, in fact the claim to enlightenment is the idea that we will now focus on the stuff that really matters…the mechanical the manipulation of matter to for technology's sake, leaving behind our concern for abstract non 'empirically verifiable concepts such as 'the good'. It was believed, more and more often that all […]
  • UPDATED (16:14…15/05) Georgetown’s Defense of Invitation to Sebelius
    Georgetown finally responds to the criticism it has been receiving. Read its statement carefully…skip Cardinal Newman's intro if you want… Georgetown Defends Sebelius Pick with Misleading Statement Georgetown University has finally issued an official response to the controversy surrounding the Jesuit institution’s invitation to “pro-choice” HHS Kathleen Sebelius, architect of the HHS mandate the U.S. bishops oppose as […]
  • Peru: The Fight Continues at PUCP
    When will this end? Lawyer Says Pontifical University Can't Control Who Represents Church (http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=24913) LIMA, PERU, May 14 (CNA) .- The attorney for the Archdiocese of Lima, Natale Amprimo, said Peru's Pontifical Catholic University has no right to tell the Vatican it must replace Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani as the negotiator between the Church hierarchy […]
  • DC’s Newspaper: Georgetown Is Secularized
    The front cover editorial of the Catholic Standard, DC's Catholic newspaper, had the following to say about Georgetown's invitation to the architect of the HHS mandate which has been condemned by every bishop in the United States: Late last Friday, Georgetown University announced that U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is the […]
  • Must See Vid on Georgetown
    Take a look at Catholic News Service's newest video released today: Sign the petition and share this post or video.The scandal also goes unanswered by Cardinal Wuerl. 
  • PORN is for Cowards
    Pornography is another elephant in the room and something which has destroyed many lives and souls and …well we can only guess how many vocations to the priesthood were stubbed out because of it. This article recently appeared in the Register: Pornography Is for Cowards (723) May 6 issue column Share by VAUGHN KOHLER 05/05/2012 Comment – Shutterstock […]