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Prominent Atheist Blogger Converts

Jon/ June 28, 2012/ Catholicism, Culture, News Commentary, Religion, Theism/Atheism

The famous atheist blogger, Leah Libresco, announced on her blog at Patheos last week that she has joined RCIA classes to become Catholic. Her post entitled “This is my last post for the Patheos Atheist Portal” sent a shockwave through the online secular community and prompted various angry articles written in response. It starts out: For several years, a lot of my friends have

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Important: Humanists Want Monopoly on the Word: “Reason”

Jon/ June 8, 2012/ Education, Enlightenment, Higher Education, Modern Philosophy, News Commentary, Religion, Theism/Atheism

I've decided that I will start an organization here in Chicago that will promote….Veracity and Correctness! This organization will hand out flyers to people on the importance of being Correct in what you say and organize events to criticize those who aren't Correct as not belonging to the organization I just started!  Well, this simple branding and marketing of a philosophy is essentially

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Dawkins (High Priest of Humanity) Calls for Catholic Honesty

Jon/ June 8, 2012/ Catholicism, Compromise/Dissent/Heresy, Enlightenment, Modern Philosophy, News Commentary, Religion

It appears Dawkins is at it again today. This time I agree with his first few statements.  People who describe themselves as Catholic but do not accept the church’s key teachings should be “honest” and admit they no longer belong to the faith, atheist author and scientist Prof Richard Dawkins has told a Dublin audience. [Totally agree.] He said he was

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“For Greater Glory” In Box Office Top Ten

test/ June 7, 2012/ Culture, to be moved

Mentioned earlier, the film “For Greater Glory”, telling the story of the Cristero’s fight for religious freedom from an imposing secularized government in the 20’s apparently did quite well for a movie of its budget. It was shown on only 757 screens and placed in the top 10 for the year. (Just for a perspective, the number one movie “Snow White

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