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Pontifical Academy of Latin Established

Jon/ November 14, 2012/ Catholicism, Education, Higher Education, Language, Religion

The long and short of it is that the Church's doctrine has always been available in many languages, even during its development in the Roman empire. However, the language which everything has been translated into and used as official was Latin. To not maintain knowledge of this, is to throw away the key to unlocking your past. Apostolic Letter given motu proprio LATINA LINGUA

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“Universities Are Holdouts Against Bishops”

test/ November 9, 2012/ Catholicism, Compromise/Dissent/Heresy, Higher Education, Religion, to be moved

From the mouths of babes, the famous Fr. McBrien at Notre Dame: Many “progressive Catholics” remain in the Church only because they have found refuge on college campuses “where the long arms of a bishop cannot reach,” writes Fr. Richard McBrien, the Crowley-O’Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, in his latest screed against the Vatican and the U.S.

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