The God Particle and Metaphysics

By Jon|February 9, 2013|Modern Philosophy, Philosophy, Religion|

Behold! The latest and greatest evidence out there to show that God doesn't exist, brought to you by…wait for it…empirical science! The higgs boson, mentioned in the previous post is the answer to why the “supernatural” is really an illusion. Though this conclusion was not claimed by its discoverer it has been propelled forward as so by every other vehement secular humanist- titling the higgs boson as: THE GOD PARTICLE. Sounds great doesn't it? To get your feet wet, watch this summary:

Some of you are probably saying. “Wow! That explains everything. No wonder miracles happen, they are just instances of atomic particles acting like photons once in a while, being above the bosons! (I'm just guessing that is a possibility). Things act strangely because they are above the Higgs field. But of course.” 

Let's take a step back for a moment folks. As presented by Peters Higgs, before all the interpretation made by secular humanists, what has changed about material reality? 

  1. If this is really the way the universe works (a confirmation which is clearly being waited on even by CERN– Its interesting how those selling the idea, are selling it as certain), then we have identified a more basic part of material reality. The extent of the “basicness” of reality remains unknown–the question is posed—how basic can you go? Is there a particle smaller? If there is, would that change anything? 
  2. It is basic a priori (before experiencing it) knowledge that when talking about physical reality (not metaphysical) a “whole”is made up of the sum of its parts. If you call something a whole (including a Higgs boson) it is going to be made up of parts–as long as time and space (the axis x, y and z) quantify the 3 dimensional space something occupies) there is going to be parts, or at least potential parts, which would result from dividing those dimensions. This is material reality. 
Any potential change in the arrangement of material reality (as this is) in no way affects the metaphysical reality upon which the most famous and credible arguments for God's existence rest. Nothing about metaphysical reality is changed by having a smaller part, contrary to the implications of the scientists who already don't believe metaphysics is possible, despite their doing it every day. Higgs Boson particles (if they exist and influence the movement of larger particles) are just as “real” as any other sub atomic particle. They have an identity, a form and matter. They have a telos. In Aristotle's system the telos or thing towards which all items are oriented is the absolute being, that which has no beginning or end. 

In other words, the rearrangement of physical reality or addition of a more basic particle to it, in no way is able to be evidence in favor of physicalism. 

As to the first point made about miracles or events perceived as supernatural actually being due to this phenomenon, well, just hold your horses. Wait for the particle and then wait for it to be confirmed it makes up the world on which the atomic reality rests, then wait for the scientists to show that atoms acting like photons causes, visions of Mary, water to turn into wine or human beings to rise from the dead (or at least disappear from a tomb-whether stolen or otherwise). I think the validity of miracles rests more on the possibility of trickery of human beings than the Higgs Boson. 

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