3rd Annual Reasonfest!

By Jon|April 19, 2013|Modern Philosophy, News Commentary, Philosophy|

Just like last year on the national level, secular humanists continue to host 'reason' events ever more, continuing the tradition from the French Revolution.  Its interesting because with these growing each year, it just goes to show even more that liturgy and ritual is an integral part of being human and believing in something. 


The free conference at Alderson Auditorium in the Kansas Union is for those with no religious affiliation, those questioning religion or those just curious about the atheist experience.
Michaelyn Everhart, society president, said 300 had registered so far for the event. “Last year, the average was about 350, and some talks draw a lot more.”

This year’s Reasonfest theme is “Modern Morality: Making Ethical Decisions in a Secular Society.” An interfaith panel on the evening of April 20 featuring Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist and Hindu representatives will discuss how each worldview approaches morality and take audience questions about their views on various moral issues. Keith Lowell Jensen, a nationally touring comedian, and Shelly Segal, an Australian singer-songwriter, will perform after that.

A 2-on-2-style tag-team debate titled “Moral Combat: Atheism vs. Christianity” will be held April 21 in the afternoon. Nationally known atheist speakers J.T. Eberhard and Matt Dillahunty will compete against John-Mark Miravalle, a doctor of theology at the School of Faith, who offers classes to University of Kansas Students at the St. Lawrence Center. He will be joined by his father, a professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

Before the debate, Nate Phelps, previously of Westboro Baptist Church, will speak about his experience in leaving the controversial group and offer advice on dealing with the group. [Perfect puppet, now that Westboro is, whether the above panel will admit it or not, what religion is reducible too–an abandonment of reason in exchange an emotionally fulfilling experience]

Events begin at 9 a.m. both days. Attendees are encouraged to bring at least one nonperishable food item, hygiene product, over-the-counter medication, new or gently used clothing item, or children’s toy or book for donation to the Harvesters food pantry and the Lawrence Community Shelter. For more information: Reasonfest@gmail.com.

Its interesting how the speakers are selected. On the one hand I'm glad that this gathering has the guts to pick a speaker to represent the other side of the issue, but on the other, the keynote is going to have the thesis that all religion is like Westboro in their actions.

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