Way One Analyzed Logically

By Jon|June 15, 2013|Philosophy, to be moved|

This post may be out of the blue for a few people out there, but I thought I'd share it anyways. It's not too often you come across an analytic understanding of Aquinas' first 'proof' of God's existence…and a good one at that. Below the analytic thomist explains: Defending Aquinas's First Way: “Whatever is Moved is Moved by Another” Let's define what I will call the notion of change per se.

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Evolution of Science in 200 Words

By test|June 4, 2013|Philosophy, to be moved|

The word science has a different meaning today than it did 100, 500 and 2500 years ago where in each case an alternative meaning for the word has become primary. The greeks found philosophy circa 500 BC using the word ἐπιστήμη/episteme (Greek) defined: Knowledge. (any justified true belief).   (1) logically includes the body of empirically verified knowledge and a separate definition is not needed.    The Renaissance adds a secondary meaning in academia circa 1500

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