In The City Or Country – Hipsterize The Rest of This Advent or Lent

By Jon|December 20, 2014|Philosophy|

What is it about nature that is so appealing to some people and unattractive to others? When it comes to any of the activities like farming, camping, hiking or mountain climbing, we find that many people in the country wish they could live in the city and many who live in the city wish and long for the country. And there are those who wish to stay right where they

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The Twist On Academic Freedom

By Jon|December 8, 2014|Education, Enlightenment|

In a recent interview the President of Catholic University of America, John Garvy stated that “At Catholic universities there isn’t a rule that you can’t talk about God or faith or those kinds of subjects alongside whatever you’re doing in your academic studies,” Garvey told Fr. Pacwa. “In that sense, there’s more academic freedom rather than less at a [Catholic] university.” For me, this is an interesting angle I hadn’t thought of

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Make the Most of the Good Stuff at Thanksgiving and Beyond

By Jon|November 29, 2014|Culture, Philosophy|

At Thanksgiving, we are fortunate enough to celebrate in the United States by eating lots of food…good food. We remind ourselves of what we really have by bringing it all out…not just food, but family and friends. But there is space for an analogy here with two major moral worldviews. Let’s assume for the sake of it, that Thanksgiving Day is the last day of your life. Everyone prefers certain foods

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Francis, Augustine and Evolution (Inlcuding Breaking Update)

By Jon|October 29, 2014|Faith and Reason, Philosophy|

This article on Francis endorsing evolution is getting tossed around everywhere like its another cave-in at Rome. My favorite part is how the secular media (a bunch of communication majors) confidently comments on a topic, apparently without looking at existing Church commentary beyond 3 years time. They remain confident in continuing a cadence of Francis breaking tradition (contrary to Benedict – who also actually stated the same–as did John Paul II before him) when

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Sacred Liturgy Conference 2014

By Jon|October 5, 2014|Catholicism|

This weekend I attended a conference given by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on the Sacred Liturgy at my home parish, St. John Cantius. I have been visiting his blog off and on for a number of years and find his contributions lucid and full of common sense. If you haven’t yet, take a look: I want to give here my interpretation of what he said, summarized. “Fr. Z” explained the true nature

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Rudolf’s Electric Rug

By Jon|September 12, 2014|Enlightenment, Faith and Reason, Religion|

Religious practice continues to decline in the West, but why, and what does that have to do with the photo I just clicked on? The typical educated person in the same society would explain this as Auguste Comte did: Man is moving past the stage of fascination with eternal mystery because the success of the scientific method in developing wonder-inspiring technology– and that shows that there are no mysteries in this world which

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Get your free essential books!

By Jon|August 30, 2014|Books|

Because of my other website, many of you good people are friending me on Facebook who I’ve never met, but who want to know more about me. I’m fine with sharing…but, no offense, I don’t want to share personal items with people that I’ve never met before… To encourage this, I’ve decided to give away two of my favorite books: The Last Superstition and After Virtue because I have extra copies in case of the secular

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Tolkein on Romantic Love

By Jon|August 1, 2014|Quotes|

I found the following letter, though dense, quite relevant. From a letter to his son Michael Tolkien 6-8 March 1941   A man’s dealings with women can be purely physical (they cannot really, of course: but I mean he can refuse to take other things into account, to the great damage of his soul (and body) and theirs); or ‘friendly’; or he can be a ‘lover’ (engaging and blending all

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How To Make Good Choice On Anything

By test|June 5, 2014|Philosophy, to be moved|

Have you ever felt like you have so many choices to review that there’s no way you can ever choose and now you are paralyzed? Well you’re in luck, here at CatholiConnection we’ve developed a few different methods for eliminating the worst choices and making the best decision.  We’ve arranged the advice of 62 famous thinkers’ approaches to making the best choice, you just need to first pick which method

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Loneliness Going Viral, Again.

By test|May 5, 2014|Culture, to be moved|

Its becoming popular to recognize and ‘tweet’ about what wisdom would have told us 3000 years ago, 60 years ago and today. Technology connecting us to others doesn’t necessarily fulfill our need for community, because it is not a human being itself, it is partial. In fact it can hinder it…modern progress and science has proved it…science in the real sense of the word – knowing final causes. Aristotle told us

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