Lecture in Greenville, SC, USA, 14 February

By Jon|January 28, 2014|Personal, Philosophy, Travels|

On 14 February 2014, I will be delivering a paper in Greenville SC entitled Veritas Intactilis: An Aristotelian Response to New Atheism. The abstract has been published as follows: No matter the level of training in philosophy or lack thereof, everyone recognizes that mankind seems to have a natural inclination to believe in the supernatural. However, as in the advent of modern empirical science, we also seem to have a

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Famous Art Comes Alive

By test|January 20, 2014|Culture, to be moved|

Today order (which for Aristotle is basically a synonym for beauty) is often condemned as a product of our ‘conspiracy theory perception’ (1) and not actually part of the object, leaving it with no natural significance. Many of the moderns believed after recent psychological advances that they were ‘up one’ on primitive Aristotle as though this ‘intrinsic finality illusion’ could not be something he would have seen. But Aristotle was

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