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By Jon|August 30, 2014|Books|

Because of my other website, many of you good people are friending me on Facebook who I’ve never met, but who want to know more about me. I’m fine with sharing…but, no offense, I don’t want to share personal items with people that I’ve never met before… To encourage this, I’ve decided to give away two of my favorite books: The Last Superstition and After Virtue because I have extra copies in case of the secular

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Tolkein on Romantic Love

By Jon|August 1, 2014|Quotes|

I found the following letter, though dense, quite relevant. From a letter to his son Michael Tolkien 6-8 March 1941   A man’s dealings with women can be purely physical (they cannot really, of course: but I mean he can refuse to take other things into account, to the great damage of his soul (and body) and theirs); or ‘friendly’; or he can be a ‘lover’ (engaging and blending all

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