Francis, Augustine and Evolution (Inlcuding Breaking Update)

By Jon|October 29, 2014|Faith and Reason, Philosophy|

This article on Francis endorsing evolution is getting tossed around everywhere like its another cave-in at Rome.

My favorite part is how the secular media (a bunch of communication majors) confidently comments on a topic, apparently without looking at existing Church commentary beyond 3 years time. They remain confident in continuing a cadence of Francis breaking tradition (contrary to Benedict – who also actually stated the same–as did John Paul II before him) when it doesn’t make sense to look at doctrine this way…ever..yes, even to Francis. It doesn’t evolve – and didn’t.

To this point, St. Augustine of Hippo in 3rd century wrote “On the Literal Interpretation of Genesis” which asked this very question and came to the same conclusion – it does not need to be interpreted literally- but it is without error. Darwin just contributed the mechanics, but can hardly be credited, as he often is as a ‘revolutionary’ challenger of old stagnant ideas. Catholics have allowed but never endorsed a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis – nor officially endorsing evolution. I haven’t been able to find an English translation but take a look at Augustine’s work, over 1200 years before Darwin. 


Original Latin:

Also, if you are going to read a book on evolution and how it sythesizes with Catholic religion, let this be it:

UPDATE 29 OCT 2014: Pope Francis has also endorsed forces of Electromagnetism, read about it here:

UPDATE II 29 OCT 2014: Finally somebody in the secular media (Time Magazine) has an epiphany about this! Thank you!

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