In The City Or Country – Hipsterize The Rest of This Advent or Lent

By Jon|December 20, 2014|Philosophy|

What is it about nature that is so appealing to some people and unattractive to others? When it comes to any of the activities like farming, camping, hiking or mountain climbing, we find that many people in the country wish they could live in the city and many who live in the city wish and long for the country. And there are those who wish to stay right where they

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The Twist On Academic Freedom

By Jon|December 8, 2014|Education, Enlightenment|

In a recent interview the President of Catholic University of America, John Garvy stated that “At Catholic universities there isn’t a rule that you can’t talk about God or faith or those kinds of subjects alongside whatever you’re doing in your academic studies,” Garvey told Fr. Pacwa. “In that sense, there’s more academic freedom rather than less at a [Catholic] university.” For me, this is an interesting angle I hadn’t thought of

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