• Chicago Will Miss Father Barron As He Moves To LA
    In the last 6 months I’ve become more and more thankful that Fr. Barron was the rector of the largest major seminary in the United States. It seemed like an excellent fit for him because of his ability to understand the concerns and questions of the college-aged and to share his tools and talents for the […]
  • Latin Summer 2015 (Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas MMXV)
    So what am I up to these days before heading down to Texas? Not that any of you caaaare… but I’ve been spending most of my time with a one-of-a-kind fellow named Reginald Foster – studying Latin. He has a unique style that is geared less towards grammatical explanations and more towards speaking, reading and writing […]
  • Whither, Hither, Thither in English, Greek and Latin
    I’ve been studying Latin more in depth this summer and have come once again to those adverbs and pronouns of place. I thought it would be useful to (some) other people and for my own purposes to compare the main ones across the three languages. So if you are bored by the kind of stuff you […]
  • 7,000 Fireworks go off at once due to a computer malfunction.