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By Jon|August 5, 2015|Personal, Travels|

Yesterday morning I left Chicago with my car packed to the point where you can’t even see how much is in it.

When I arrived at St. Louis Abby last night around 730 (the first part of my monastic road trip), I found a group of friendly Benedictines whom I had heard about through an inquiry about teaching Latin. Their high school is very impressive-the boys learn Latin and Greek (there are seven Latin teachers) A great number of the monks teach and write while maintaining a contemplative life.

They even have an extraordinary form mass on the high school campus.

I’m on the road again heading for Clear Creek Abby in Oklahoma and will update this post below before I arrive in Houston.

Update 12 August:
Before I arrived in Houston last Saturday, my visit to Clear Creek Abbey was quite a worthwhile experience.

Saint Benedict pray for us!

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