Exaggeration of Postmodern Style Education

By Jon|November 13, 2015|Education|

Modern education here refers to a style of “education”, not the institutions that exist in modern day. This style of education claims less and less often that there is a correct answer to anything outside of math problems. As an example, a friend posted a video that exaggerates the irrationality.

While things are clearly not this devolved, the logic is already present. But Jon! We should question everything? Sure, just make sure you don’t spend longer than you have to on the answers, and why not accept the head start that tradition gives us?

Modernity dumped faith and put its faith in reason. Postmodernity dumped reason and put its faith in emotions. What happens to a society that doesn’t believe anything as a group? It has no reason for staying together.

For a great explanation of where modern our society finds itself, have a read of or buy this book.

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