“I’m Spiritual But Not Religious…”

By Jon|April 6, 2016|Culture, Religion|

Lately, I’m all about getting to the root of catchy phrases that have serious implications behind them.

While we don’t see these sort of assemblies around and probably never will…the video, intentionally or not, does make a powerful point I made here: that even when people seem independent in a new way- its human nature to want and have friends. So as soon as that person identifies with another independent spiritual person of the same ilk, a temptation to and kindling of a friendship begins. When friendships form…we all know what happens next: other people feel excluded because you were talking and didn’t notice them as they walked by or did not change your opinion for them. Exclusivity and, well, communities that want to stick together are the next step and before you know it, you have a spiritual group of people all sharing the same principles, which, maybe you don’t consider Unitarian Universalism a religion…but I do and ironically so does every encyclopedia. Its the religion of no religion.

I also believe that the “content” of a community naturally grows over time. The community gains its own rules and regulations to deal with new issues. Even if the community’s main principle is to have no principles…people will stick around as a group as long as that principle is there. The point is that…even if you belong to an evil institution, the more you stand up for what you believe, quite frankly the more likely people are likely to join you.

Its the age old problem – how many grains of sand do you have to put on top of each other until it becomes a pile?


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