Summary of Plato’s Phaedo

By Jon|December 13, 2016|Authors, My PhD Comprehensive Exam Experiment, Phaedo of Plato, Plato, Titles of Works|

In the Phaedo, Socrates defends the immortality of the soul and gives an account of the purpose of the philosophical life. The book follows the pattern of an epic poet and resembles an entrance and a return. We can divide the text into parts:   The Theseus Myth (57a) Socrates is not concerned about pleasure and pain while waiting for his death, signaled by docking of ship. Many people want to hear

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Phaedo Study Questions

By Jon|January 13, 2016|Phaedo of Plato, Plato|

  How does Socrates argue that philosophy is a preparation for death?  What kind of light does this argument shed on his understanding of what the soul is? Thesis: Simply put, Socrates believes that philosophy is preparation for death and the afterlife because philosophy aims to purify the soul from the body. The soul is immaterial and lasts, along with its desires, beyond death, and so we desire in this

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