Ch. 1 Analysis of “The Act Itself” by Jonathan Bennett

By Jon|May 6, 2016|"The Act Itself" by Jonathan Bennett|

Bennett thinks that moral judgments depend on nonmoral facts and these judgments can be broken down into making/allowing, direct/mediated, actual/probable, and intended/foreseen. The facts can be analysed by identifying the components of a moral sentence like “he hurt Gwendolin” and the manner in which he hurt her can be put into these four categories: 1) the conduct has certain upshot as a consquence 2) is positive or active making rather

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Aquinas’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics

By Jon|February 23, 2016|Commentary of Aquinas on The Posterior Analytics of Aristotle, Philosophy|

My Translation   Latin Different colors are different premises. Bold words were not known on first read. Italics are questions My Translation (for the purposes of studying) [brackets] = implicit idea made explicit [correction] = amendation to my translation. Dominican English followed by Concept Sicut dicit Aristoteles in principio metaphysicae, hominum genus arte et rationibus vivit: in quo videtur philosophus tangere quoddam hominis proprium quo a caeteris animalibus differt. Alia enim

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The Last Superstition

By Jon|May 3, 2012|Books, Catholicism, Education, Faith and Reason, Higher Education, Modern Philosophy, My PhD Comprehensive Exam Experiment, Philosophy, Theism/Atheism|

Some of you may have heard of the book by Edward Feser called “The Last Superstition”. If you have not read it, read it. It is definitely in my top 3 favorite books of all time. Why? I wish the book had been around earlier in my personal journey towards theism and Christianity because it provokes thoughts and analysis of our most unquestioned modern assumptions about the world around us.

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