The Most Insane Bike Ride Ever Attempted. And I’ll Never Be Good Enough.

By Jon|January 9, 2015|Fun|

It’s funny how when you were a child you were told you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I want to do this, but I’ll be honest – not enough to make it happen. Some things you realize as you approach 30 are probably never going to happen. But Kudos to this guy! Back to my desk.    

404 – Page Not Found

By Jon|October 31, 2012|Fun, Humor, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy|

404 – Page Not Found The page you’re looking for does not exist, or does it? According to Immanuel Kant, there are fundamental features of reality that escape our direct knowledge because of the natural limits of the human faculties. There are also fundamental features of the internet that escape our direct knowledge because of the semantic limits of internet technology. We can't find the page you are looking for because of

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Explanation of the Blog’s New “Logo”

By test|March 26, 2012|Fun, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy, to be moved|

From the left: Nietzsche, Marx, Russell, Kant, DescartesFrom the right: G.K. Chesterton, Aquinas, Cicero, C.S. Lewis, Plato I thought I would take the opportunity to explain what my bold modification of Rafael's School of Athens is meant to convey on this blog. There is nothing profound about it really. I did it because I wanted to “update” the painting to our time, instead of Rafael's time–shall we say…”modernise” it? Instead

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Off Topic: Tesla Project 2006

By Jon|March 7, 2012|Empirical Science, Fun, Modern Philosophy|

Back in 2006, when I was a senior in high school I was in physics class and our physics teacher, Mr. Scott, showed us the Van de Graph generator. I thought to myself, cool…lets make one. After doing some research, I found a better version would be the Tesla coil which was invented by the infamous, but not as famous as he should be, Nikola Tesla. It is often claimed

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