Latin Language Summer Programs 2017

By Jon|February 3, 2017|Language|

EUROPE June 6–12 Schola Latina Corcagiensis (Cork, Irland) June 10–July 16 Living Latin in Rome (Rome, Italy) June 26–August 20 Academia Vivarium Novum (Rome, Italy) July 2–16 Scholae Aestivae in Italia (Montella, Italy) July 3–7 Colloquia Latina IV (Barcelona, Spain) July 3–21 Polis Latin (Rome, Italy) July 7–13 L.V.P.A. Seminarium Latinum Monasteriense (Münster, Germany) July 4–8 Colloquia Barcinonensia (Barcelona, Spain) July 9–30 Villa Æstiva in Agris Mugellanis (Florence, Italy) July 17–30 Schola Aestiva Latinitatis vivae Posnaniensis (Poznan, Poland). July 17–22 Germanicum seminarium Ottiliense (Germany) July 20–August 26 5th Freising Latin Week (Freising, Germany) July

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Latin Summer 2015 (Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas MMXV)

By Jon|July 17, 2015|Language, Personal|

So what am I up to these days before heading down to Texas? Not that any of you caaaare… but I’ve been spending most of my time with a one-of-a-kind fellow named Reginald Foster – studying Latin. He has a unique style that is geared less towards grammatical explanations and more towards speaking, reading and writing the language from 12-8pm six days a week. Here’s a bit more about him: The

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Whither, Hither, Thither in English, Greek and Latin

By Jon|July 15, 2015|Language|

I’ve been studying Latin more in depth this summer and have come once again to those adverbs and pronouns of place. I thought it would be useful to (some) other people and for my own purposes to compare the main ones across the three languages. So if you are bored by the kind of stuff you will likely never use in conversation…find another article. The two words above are interrogative, meaning

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Pontifical Academy of Latin Established

By Jon|November 14, 2012|Catholicism, Education, Higher Education, Language, Religion|

The long and short of it is that the Church's doctrine has always been available in many languages, even during its development in the Roman empire. However, the language which everything has been translated into and used as official was Latin. To not maintain knowledge of this, is to throw away the key to unlocking your past. Apostolic Letter given motu proprio LATINA LINGUA On the founding of a Pontifical Academy of the Latin

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Latin On The Rise

By Jon|September 25, 2012|Language, News Commentary|

Understanding where you came from is part of understanding who you are and where you can/are going. When that history is locked in a language that fewer and fewer people know, it becomes more valuable. Study Latin, particularly if you are a seminarian (actually according to Canon law, it's not even an option: “Can. 249 The Charter of Priestly Formation is to provide that the students are not only taught

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