• North America’s Only Thomistic PhD Program is Under Threat of Closure (UPDATED)
    Two years ago I posted that I would be leaving Chicago for Houston to attend this program. Now the broader university to which it belongs wants to close North America’s only center for Thomistic studies, basically because it wants to spend money elsewhere. Each year, fewer and fewer students are accepted – not because of lack of […]
  • American Catholic Philosophical Association Meeting 2016
    On November 3-6, 2016 I delivered a paper in San Francisco again on the topic of custom. This was for the American Catholic Philosophical Association meeting on the topic of justice. The highlight for me was to hear Father James Schall, SJ speak about virtue. Much of the new liberal agenda isn’t really about freedom, […]
  • “Enlightened” Philosophy in Paris
      What you see in the photo above and below is the Pantheon, originally the church of St. Genevieve, the patroness of Paris. In the French Revolution, it was gutted and made into a temple of Reason, that is, a symbol of the new patroness of Paris, who rejected religion as superstition and envisioned humanity itself as […]
  • Beginning in Houston
    Its been nearly four weeks since arriving in Houston and I consider myself ‘settled in’ as you might say. That’s me in the chair… Well maybe not that settled in but I took the picture at your local watering hole. Let’s get the smalltalk out of the way – to all those who complain about the […]
  • A Better Part Of Chicago – Cantius
    Having lived in Chicago for four years now, I can honestly say after all the bars and beaches, festivals and forest preserves, ethnic cuisine and enthusiastic government workers that my favorite place is Saint John Cantius Church. I heard about the parish when I was a freshman at Franciscan University and thought, “If I ever […]
  • By the way…
    goodbye Chicago!
  • Latin Summer 2015 (Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas MMXV)
    So what am I up to these days before heading down to Texas? Not that any of you caaaare… but I’ve been spending most of my time with a one-of-a-kind fellow named Reginald Foster – studying Latin. He has a unique style that is geared less towards grammatical explanations and more towards speaking, reading and writing […]
  • I’m Moving To Houston – Starting at the Center for Thomistic Studies in Fall 2015
    In April of this year I was accepted to pursue doctoral studies at the only school I wanted to attend – The Center for Thomistic Studies in Houston, USA. I looked into the Angelicum (Rome), Leuven (Belgium) and others, but this program is one-of-a-kind uniquely focused in St. Thomas Aquinas – so I’m picking up where […]
  • Reflections in the Eternal City
    This past month I was lucky enough to head to Rome for a 5th time, but this time I had the privilege to go with my family on vacation. I decided I would share a few reflections from the journey in hopes that the eternal city may come to mean more for you as well, […]
  • Lecture in Greenville, SC, USA, 14 February
    On 14 February 2014, I will be delivering a paper in Greenville SC entitled Veritas Intactilis: An Aristotelian Response to New Atheism. The abstract has been published as follows: No matter the level of training in philosophy or lack thereof, everyone recognizes that mankind seems to have a natural inclination to believe in the supernatural. […]