“Enlightened” Philosophy in Paris

By Jon|June 27, 2016|Personal, Philosophy, Travels|

  What you see in the photo above and below is the Pantheon, originally the church of St. Genevieve, the patroness of Paris. In the French Revolution, it was gutted and made into a temple of Reason, that is, a symbol of the new patroness of Paris, who rejected religion as superstition and envisioned humanity itself as the purpose of its existence – aided by science – and redefined as modern science.

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Lecture in Greenville, SC, USA, 14 February

By Jon|January 28, 2014|Personal, Philosophy, Travels|

On 14 February 2014, I will be delivering a paper in Greenville SC entitled Veritas Intactilis: An Aristotelian Response to New Atheism. The abstract has been published as follows: No matter the level of training in philosophy or lack thereof, everyone recognizes that mankind seems to have a natural inclination to believe in the supernatural. However, as in the advent of modern empirical science, we also seem to have a

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Juventutem Chicago and Rio (WYD)

By Jon|July 27, 2013|Personal, to be moved, Travels|

Within 48 hours I attended two Juventutem masses (young adults interested in the extraordinary form). First as you might've heard, a Juventutem group in Chicago was officially confirmed this past Wednesday with a pontifical high mass with Bishop Perry. The Mass celebrated it's chartering and was followed by a reception in St. John Cantius's basement. My photos: This morning in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, after registering for world youth day,

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Serra’s 71st International Convention — Palma De Mallorca

By test|March 20, 2013|to be moved, Travels|

For those Serrans out there and anyone else who might be interested, registration for the international convention 20-22 June 2013 in Mallorca is taking place now. Serra’s 71st International Convention will be held in the City of Palma de Mallorca located on the island of Mallorca in Spain. As in past years, the convention will commence with the Opening Mass in the local Cathedral to be celebrated by the new

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The Results of this past November’s Vocation’s Congress in Rome

By test|July 26, 2012|Personal, to be moved, Travels|

This past November I traveled to Rome for a Vocation congress put on the by Pontifical Work for Priestly Vocations headed by Monseigneur Bonnici and finalized by Zenon Cardinal Grocholewski.The document points out various forms which have been useful in promoting vocations to the priesthood. It can be found here: http://serra.org/images/documents/document_english.pdf In my opinion it reiterates what most of us already know….the places that maintain the traditions of the Church are the places that have growing vocations.

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10 Day Blog Pause–Serra’s 70th International Convention–Providence RI USA

By test|June 15, 2012|Personal, to be moved, Travels|

This week from the 21-23 June 2012 Serra will hold its 70th Annual Convention in Providence Rhode Island.  The preparations are taking most of my time at this point and, rather than leave everyone hanging, I decided I will just pause posting for about a week so that I can focus on my primary obligations. If anyone is interested in attending the convention, just fill out a registration form, pay

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Leaving China for Singapore

By Jon|April 23, 2012|Personal, Travels|

I am now in Hong Kong airport waiting for my plane for Singapore. The prices in Hong Kong are so low comparatively that I spent $150 worth of Hong Kong money and received about $400 worth of brand-name material. Now I know why Hong Kong is the center of commerce.

Travelling To Hong Kong Tomorrow

By Jon|April 17, 2012|Personal, Travels|

I wish to let my readers know that in the coming week and a half the posts will be a bit fewer because tomorrow I will be travelling to Hong Kong in order to attend Serra's 16th Asian Convention, and afterwards by the generous invitation of a friend I will go to Singapore. I will be sure to update the blog with some aspects of my journey and please keep the

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