Francis, Augustine and Evolution (Inlcuding Breaking Update)

By Jon|October 29, 2014|Faith and Reason, Philosophy|

This article on Francis endorsing evolution is getting tossed around everywhere like its another cave-in at Rome. My favorite part is how the secular media (a bunch of communication majors) confidently comments on a topic, apparently without looking at existing Church commentary beyond 3 years time. They remain confident in continuing a cadence of Francis breaking tradition (contrary to Benedict – who also actually stated the same–as did John Paul II before him) when

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How To Make Good Choice On Anything

By test|June 5, 2014|Philosophy, to be moved|

Have you ever felt like you have so many choices to review that there’s no way you can ever choose and now you are paralyzed? Well you’re in luck, here at CatholiConnection we’ve developed a few different methods for eliminating the worst choices and making the best decision.  We’ve arranged the advice of 62 famous thinkers’ approaches to making the best choice, you just need to first pick which method

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Feser’s New Book!

By test|April 28, 2014|Education, Philosophy, to be moved|

If you are interested in philosophy and there is one book that you must buy in the coming weeks….it is this it: Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction (Editiones Scholasticae) Feser has done a great job in the past explaining complex concepts and making them accessible. His other book was useful as well: BUY IT! BUY IT NOW!!

Lecture in Greenville, SC, USA, 14 February

By Jon|January 28, 2014|Personal, Philosophy, Travels|

On 14 February 2014, I will be delivering a paper in Greenville SC entitled Veritas Intactilis: An Aristotelian Response to New Atheism. The abstract has been published as follows: No matter the level of training in philosophy or lack thereof, everyone recognizes that mankind seems to have a natural inclination to believe in the supernatural. However, as in the advent of modern empirical science, we also seem to have a

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Whether St. Thomas is Boring? By: Br. Raymund Snyder, O.P.

By test|October 18, 2013|Philosophy, to be moved|

People often criticize St. Thomas Aquinas for being “boring.” Today, on the feast of the Angelic Doctor, I offer this light-hearted reflection… from a great Domincan Blog found below: Whether Thomas Aquinas is fittingly called boring? Objection 1: It would seem that Thomas Aquinas is fittingly called boring. The works of Thomas are composed of impersonal statements and arguments, which are boring. Now, every agent acts in accordance with its

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The Sobering French Revolution Continues…

By Jon|September 6, 2013|Enlightenment, Religion, Theism/Atheism|

The secularization of France, once the daughter of the Church, continues. According to katholisches the French Senate claims that in the next year there will be around 2,800 churches in the country which will be demolished. Why? They are empty and taking up space that could be better used. What can we say? As was pointed out earlier this year, France as a whole has less seminarians now than it did before

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Do We Know How Lonely We Are?

By test|August 21, 2013|Empirical Science, Philosophy, Resources, to be moved|

Vimeo’s staff pick has some good points to share… It makes sense that the appearances of friendship goods (social media etc) would attract us but because it is a more superficial type of communication the human need goes on less fulfilled. One person I knew from college I remember telling me that while he works he prefers to leave the TV on in the background because it made him feel

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Nothing Is Greater Or Less Than Us – Sidewalk Art

By Jon|July 18, 2013|Modern Philosophy, Philosophy, to be moved|

In my time spent just around Chicago in the past week or two, I have begun to pick up a theme of a message that is very popular: Nothing Is Greater Or Less Than US. I began to notice this when, well, those exact words were spray painted on the sidewalk in the De Paul University/Lincoln Park area near the Fullerton stop. I wondered to myself: “What does that even

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Way One Analyzed Logically

By Jon|June 15, 2013|Philosophy, to be moved|

This post may be out of the blue for a few people out there, but I thought I'd share it anyways. It's not too often you come across an analytic understanding of Aquinas' first 'proof' of God's existence…and a good one at that. Below the analytic thomist explains: Defending Aquinas's First Way: “Whatever is Moved is Moved by Another” Let's define what I will call the notion of change per se.

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Evolution of Science in 200 Words

By test|June 4, 2013|Philosophy, to be moved|

The word science has a different meaning today than it did 100, 500 and 2500 years ago where in each case an alternative meaning for the word has become primary. The greeks found philosophy circa 500 BC using the word ἐπιστήμη/episteme (Greek) defined: Knowledge. (any justified true belief).   (1) logically includes the body of empirically verified knowledge and a separate definition is not needed.    The Renaissance adds a secondary meaning in academia circa 1500

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