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“I’m Spiritual But Not Religious…”

Jon/ April 6, 2016/ Culture, Religion

Lately, I’m all about getting to the root of catchy phrases that have serious implications behind them. While we don’t see these sort of assemblies around and probably never will…the video, intentionally or not, does make a powerful point I made here: that even when people seem independent in a new way- its human nature to want and have friends. So as

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Are You Religious?

Jon/ January 6, 2015/ Religion

It has happened many times that someone will ask me the question “Are you religious?” or, “You seem religious, is that right?” and I have difficulty responding in a way that will allow them to grasp my perspective, without simply labeling me as somewhat akin to the man in the main photo and moving on to someone who to them

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Francis, Augustine and Evolution (Inlcuding Breaking Update)

Jon/ October 29, 2014/ Faith and Reason, Philosophy

This article on Francis endorsing evolution is getting tossed around everywhere like its another cave-in at Rome. My favorite part is how the secular media (a bunch of communication majors) confidently comments on a topic, apparently without looking at existing Church commentary beyond 3 years time. They remain confident in continuing a cadence of Francis breaking tradition (contrary to Benedict – who also actually

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Rudolf’s Electric Rug

Jon/ September 12, 2014/ Enlightenment, Faith and Reason, Religion

Religious practice continues to decline in the West, but why, and what does that have to do with the photo I just clicked on? The typical educated person in the same society would explain this as Auguste Comte did: Man is moving past the stage of fascination with eternal mystery because the success of the scientific method in developing wonder-inspiring technology– and that

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The Sobering French Revolution Continues…

Jon/ September 6, 2013/ Enlightenment, Religion, Theism/Atheism

The secularization of France, once the daughter of the Church, continues. According to katholisches the French Senate claims that in the next year there will be around 2,800 churches in the country which will be demolished. Why? They are empty and taking up space that could be better used. What can we say? As was pointed out earlier this year, France as

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The God Particle and Metaphysics

Jon/ February 9, 2013/ Modern Philosophy, Philosophy, Religion

Behold! The latest and greatest evidence out there to show that God doesn't exist, brought to you by…wait for it…empirical science! The higgs boson, mentioned in the previous post is the answer to why the “supernatural” is really an illusion. Though this conclusion was not claimed by its discoverer it has been propelled forward as so by every other vehement

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Pontifical Academy of Latin Established

Jon/ November 14, 2012/ Catholicism, Education, Higher Education, Language, Religion

The long and short of it is that the Church's doctrine has always been available in many languages, even during its development in the Roman empire. However, the language which everything has been translated into and used as official was Latin. To not maintain knowledge of this, is to throw away the key to unlocking your past. Apostolic Letter given motu proprio LATINA LINGUA

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“Universities Are Holdouts Against Bishops”

test/ November 9, 2012/ Catholicism, Compromise/Dissent/Heresy, Higher Education, Religion, to be moved

From the mouths of babes, the famous Fr. McBrien at Notre Dame: Many “progressive Catholics” remain in the Church only because they have found refuge on college campuses “where the long arms of a bishop cannot reach,” writes Fr. Richard McBrien, the Crowley-O’Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, in his latest screed against the Vatican and the U.S.

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