By Jon|October 11, 2008|Austria|

I woke in the morning again experiencing the surreal sunrise in a foreign land. I felt like I was very close to being in Israel or the middle east like you always see in pictures…and that in fact is because I was getting closer. “We are almost to Selcuk and the landscape has changed drastically-sand and bushes now with “mountains”. It seemed like there was no water around anywhere. We

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Constantinople (begrudgingly called Istanbul)

By Jon|October 10, 2008|Austria|

Once we arrived we were drivin to the airport from the plane on a shuttle and ended up in long line for Turkish visas which were 20 YTL. We soon nicknamed these Yittles just like the SKK in the Czech republic we called SKKKKKKK. After inside Turkey we found our shuttle who was holding up a sign with our name. He was going to take us to our hostel in

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By Jon|October 9, 2008|Austria|

When Friday came along, John Paul, Brendon, Ali Decker, Kate Donnely and I hopped on a train to Vienna for our first Ten Day break. We went to Sudbanhof station which had a creepy blinking eye clock and got some pizza. There we got cheap tickets to Bratislava and got on the train. Once in Bratislava, we got off the train and immediately were impressed with the lack of cleanliness

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By Jon|October 2, 2008|Austria|

Besides Rome, without a doubt Switzerland was my favorite place in Europe. Maybe it was just the particular place we went, but it was like heaven on earth. When I was doing research for this trip, the quote going around about Gimmelwald was: “If I die and can’t go to heaven, send me to Gimmelwald.” It’s so true, it is the most beautiful place on the face of the earth.

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Gaming I

By Jon|September 30, 2008|Austria|

This first part of gaming was a slow change socially. I began to realize I didn’t have much fun or like hanging out with the people I was hanging out with. Here are a couple stories from this time Archambault and I started a Schola Cantorum to sang at the Masses.  Once time Phil, Rob and I went running on Ostcherlandsträsse towards the Kebap stand. We got to a point after

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Gaming Hike Weekend

By Jon|September 26, 2008|Austria|

This was a weekend where I all went to Switzerland I decided to take advantage of the wonderful scenery available already in our home Kartause. On that Friday night, September 26, Justin and I and some international students (lead by Metod) went up on a hike to the cave. It was a longer hike than someone might think, but only because of all the switchbacks. Once we got to the

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By Jon|September 8, 2008|Austria|

Munich was my favorite major city in Germany. We arrived for the day in the early morning and began touring as always with Mark. The first thing we saw was the Glockenspeil which was a huge clock that had little figurines on it and when it hit the hour they would spin around the clock and dance and do whatever they were supposed to do. You get the idea. We

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By Jon|September 8, 2008|Austria|

Salzburg was our first real trip together as a school. We left on a Thursday, got there, unpacked our stuff into our hostel and followed Mark into the downtown older section of town for our tour. I was staying in a room with three other guys who I didn’t even know but I thought it would be good to meet new people. Anyways, back in the downtown, Mark showed us

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By Jon|August 30, 2008|Austria|

The city I traveled to was Vienna. We came after a tour of the Cathedral of St. Polten and arrived for the day at Josefsplatz where we began the tour. We stopped by the Minoritenkirche and had Mass, then we went through the St. Michaelplatz and the Hofburg. We passed the palace and learned that it is the third largest building in the world, from whose balcony Hitler announced his

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Arrival in Gaming

By Jon|August 18, 2008|Austria|

I prepared in a relatively short period of time to come to Austria. I had to buy a few things but for the most part I was already ready. I arrived at the airport without anything forgotten, pulled up to the curb got out and said goodbye to my Dad. He said, “Another one of Jon’s big adventures indeed…we’ll miss ya bud.” I will too Dad. So I went into

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