You Are Able To Maximize Your Happiness Now…So Why Don’t You?

By Jon|March 25, 2015|Empirical Science, Philosophy|

Have you ever felt like you have so many choices to review that there’s no way you can ever choose and now you are paralyzed? You wish you didn’t have to choose. But at the same time, you would never choose to have less options. We all think that having options is better than not having options because it gives us the potential to create our future as we see it best – if we

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Porn…and Metaphysics?

By Jon|February 27, 2015|Modern Philosophy, Philosophy|

Besides recent events in Chicago, this video has been making rounds on the internet: It’s interesting to see how most people today need and require physical experience or demonstration before believing something, when knowledge about a things nature is a suitable guide. Modern science alone doesn’t give us incorrect data, in fact its quite reliable. But if it is seen as the only way to truth, it will inevitably give us an incomplete

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Happy Feast of Thomas Aquinas!

By Jon|January 28, 2015|Catholicism, Philosophy|

A few of my favorite short quotes before you post yours: Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine. Love takes up where knowledge leaves off. Hold firmly that our faith is identical with that of the ancients. Deny this, and you dissolve the unity of the Church. (The people in the present aren’t the only one who get a vote if we’re talking

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Reflections in the Eternal City

By Jon|January 16, 2015|Personal|

This past month I was lucky enough to head to Rome for a 5th time, but this time I had the privilege to go with my family on vacation. I decided I would share a few reflections from the journey in hopes that the eternal city may come to mean more for you as well, though I know some readers already live there. This is the first time I’ve taken the

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The Most Insane Bike Ride Ever Attempted. And I’ll Never Be Good Enough.

By Jon|January 9, 2015|Fun|

It’s funny how when you were a child you were told you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I want to do this, but I’ll be honest – not enough to make it happen. Some things you realize as you approach 30 are probably never going to happen. But Kudos to this guy! Back to my desk.    

Are You Religious?

By Jon|January 6, 2015|Religion|

It has happened many times that someone will ask me the question “Are you religious?” or, “You seem religious, is that right?” and I have difficulty responding in a way that will allow them to grasp my perspective, without simply labeling me as somewhat akin to the man in the main photo and moving on to someone who to them is less hopped up on the opiate of the masses.

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In The City Or Country – Hipsterize The Rest of This Advent or Lent

By Jon|December 20, 2014|Philosophy|

What is it about nature that is so appealing to some people and unattractive to others? When it comes to any of the activities like farming, camping, hiking or mountain climbing, we find that many people in the country wish they could live in the city and many who live in the city wish and long for the country. And there are those who wish to stay right where they

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The Twist On Academic Freedom

By Jon|December 8, 2014|Education, Enlightenment|

In a recent interview the President of Catholic University of America, John Garvy stated that “At Catholic universities there isn’t a rule that you can’t talk about God or faith or those kinds of subjects alongside whatever you’re doing in your academic studies,” Garvey told Fr. Pacwa. “In that sense, there’s more academic freedom rather than less at a [Catholic] university.” For me, this is an interesting angle I hadn’t thought of

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Make the Most of the Good Stuff at Thanksgiving and Beyond

By Jon|November 29, 2014|Culture, Philosophy|

At Thanksgiving, we are fortunate enough to celebrate in the United States by eating lots of food…good food. We remind ourselves of what we really have by bringing it all out…not just food, but family and friends. But there is space for an analogy here with two major moral worldviews. Let’s assume for the sake of it, that Thanksgiving Day is the last day of your life. Everyone prefers certain foods

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Francis, Augustine and Evolution (Inlcuding Breaking Update)

By Jon|October 29, 2014|Faith and Reason, Philosophy|

This article on Francis endorsing evolution is getting tossed around everywhere like its another cave-in at Rome. My favorite part is how the secular media (a bunch of communication majors) confidently comments on a topic, apparently without looking at existing Church commentary beyond 3 years time. They remain confident in continuing a cadence of Francis breaking tradition (contrary to Benedict – who also actually stated the same–as did John Paul II before him) when

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