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England: Humanists Try to Block Catholic School Founding

Jon/ April 16, 2012/ Compromise/Dissent/Heresy, Education, Modern Philosophy, News Commentary

I think many times we have the benevolent impression that we are given from humanists: “We want the best for mankind without worrying about an afterlife. Let's focus on improving the world now.” Now of course not all humanists are the same but in England, where they are more militant, I'm starting to think they are…  Two of the most

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England: Metaphysics Banned from Schools–Empiricism

Jon/ January 18, 2012/ Empirical Science, Enlightenment, Modern Philosophy, News Commentary, Philosophy

The government in the United Kingdom has introduced a revision of the 'The Model Funding Agreement' that effectively bans the teaching of certain types of philosophy. (It appears that this effectively means any that come before David Hume…) The agreement states that funded schools are precluded from ‘teaching, as an evidence-based view or theory, of any view or theory that is contrary to

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The Pope’s Unholy Alliance with a Dictator-Example Humanist Attack

Jon/ January 10, 2012/ Enlightenment, Faith and Reason, Modern Philosophy, News Commentary, Politics, Religion, Theism/Atheism

This article probably is not worth my time, but I'll critique it despite that…. “Scandal is too mild a term to describe the abuse of children at the hands Roman Catholic priests. [indeed] But whatever word you fix on – “atrocity”, “obscenity”, I can't find the right one – you cannot doubt that rape was all about power [sorry how does rape make

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