• Principles vs. Persons
    Today I wish to share with you a reflection on a quote, posted before, from Fulton Sheen: “There is no other subject on which the average mind is so much confused as the subject of tolerance and intolerance… Tolerance applies only to persons, but never to principles. Intolerance applies only to principles, but never to persons.” +Fulton […]
  • Existentialism: Nietzsche and JP Richter–A World Without God
    If you saw my post about Fulton Sheen, you would have heard him read the following passage from Nietzsche, which I am sure many of you are familiar with: THE MADMAN—-Have you not heard of that madman who lit a lantern in the bright morning hours, ran to the market place, and cried incessantly: “I […]
  • Death of God Video Response–Fulton Sheen
    Please watch the greatest Fulton Sheen episode, in my opinion, ever created, divisit in tres partes:    
  • “The Sharpest Young Opinion Formers are Atheists”
    Damien Thompson at the Daily Telegraph sets the record straight. As always, my comments are in blue, emphasis in bold: “…But the crucial point is that the sharpest young opinion-formers are atheists. This is a development that seems to have been missed by the old boobies who pass for bishops in the Anglican and Catholic […]