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England: Humanists Try to Block Catholic School Founding

Jon/ April 16, 2012/ Compromise/Dissent/Heresy, Education, Modern Philosophy, News Commentary

I think many times we have the benevolent impression that we are given from humanists: “We want the best for mankind without worrying about an afterlife. Let's focus on improving the world now.” Now of course not all humanists are the same but in England, where they are more militant, I'm starting to think they are…  Two of the most

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How Things Can Be Large and Small at the Same Time

Jon/ March 23, 2012/ Faith and Reason, Philosophy

All is relative…relatively objective that is. Whether things are small or large doesn't matter because these are descriptors. They words that we invented. Things are the size that they are despite whether we can wrap our heads around them with words whose meaning can change based on context. This sounds like common sense because it is. But you would be surprised how

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