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The Sobering French Revolution Continues…

Jon/ September 6, 2013/ Enlightenment, Religion, Theism/Atheism

The secularization of France, once the daughter of the Church, continues. According to katholisches the French Senate claims that in the next year there will be around 2,800 churches in the country which will be demolished. Why? They are empty and taking up space that could be better used. What can we say? As was pointed out earlier this year, France as

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3rd Annual Reasonfest!

Jon/ April 19, 2013/ Modern Philosophy, News Commentary, Philosophy

Just like last year on the national level, secular humanists continue to host 'reason' events ever more, continuing the tradition from the French Revolution.  Its interesting because with these growing each year, it just goes to show even more that liturgy and ritual is an integral part of being human and believing in something.  Reasonfest! The free conference at Alderson

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More Ignorance on the “God Particle”

Jon/ April 9, 2013/ Empirical Science, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy

Anyone reading this blog probably already intelligent enough to understand why this article is nonsense and part of the continued effort to spin the science of the higgs boson as having significant philosophical, and therefore theological implications, but I'll put it before you anyways: ‘God particle’ revealed day after new pope announced 7:52 am March 14, 2013, by George Mathis Smashing stuff isn't

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The God Particle and Metaphysics

Jon/ February 9, 2013/ Modern Philosophy, Philosophy, Religion

Behold! The latest and greatest evidence out there to show that God doesn't exist, brought to you by…wait for it…empirical science! The higgs boson, mentioned in the previous post is the answer to why the “supernatural” is really an illusion. Though this conclusion was not claimed by its discoverer it has been propelled forward as so by every other vehement

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Principles vs. Persons

Jon/ February 4, 2013/ Philosophy, Quotes

Today I wish to share with you a reflection on a quote, posted before, from Fulton Sheen: “There is no other subject on which the average mind is so much confused as the subject of tolerance and intolerance… Tolerance applies only to persons, but never to principles. Intolerance applies only to principles, but never to persons.” +Fulton J. Sheen, 1931 “The Curse

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On The Nature of True Liberty (16-18)

Jon/ January 29, 2013/ Philosophy

It's been while since an installment of the famous encyclical by Leo XIII “Libertas Praestantissimum. You will remember that the Pontiff was talking about the difference between human reason and eternal reason and the problem with holding human reason as the sole orbiter of truth rather than a tool to discover. The lower must be subject to the higher…however in

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On Nature of True Liberty (16-26 Coming Soon!)

Jon/ January 17, 2013/ Catholicism, Philosophy, Resources

Many of you were following my series on the document Libertas Praestantissimum (On the Nature of True Liberty) and wonder when the next installment is coming (we left off on point 12). To wet your appetite again, I have posted this recently produced video by CNS: Play Video.

Pontifical Academy of Latin Established

Jon/ November 14, 2012/ Catholicism, Education, Higher Education, Language, Religion

The long and short of it is that the Church's doctrine has always been available in many languages, even during its development in the Roman empire. However, the language which everything has been translated into and used as official was Latin. To not maintain knowledge of this, is to throw away the key to unlocking your past. Apostolic Letter given motu proprio LATINA LINGUA

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404 – Page Not Found

Jon/ October 31, 2012/ Fun, Humor, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy

404 – Page Not Found The page you’re looking for does not exist, or does it? According to Immanuel Kant, there are fundamental features of reality that escape our direct knowledge because of the natural limits of the human faculties. There are also fundamental features of the internet that escape our direct knowledge because of the semantic limits of internet technology. We

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